KYOTOGRAPHIE Information Lounge & Books

Sanjo Ryogaemachi Building
10:00-19:00 N/A


* Admission accepted 30 mins before the venue closes.

©︎ Takeshi Asano-KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021

KYOTOGRAPHIE Information Lounge & Books is a general information centre staffed by KYOTOGRAPHIE concierges. In addition to selling original merchandise such as passport tickets and catalogues, it will be used as a venue for various events, exhibitions, and a bookstore for a limited time.
The venue has been changed from the previously planned NTT West Sanjo Collaboration Plaza to the Sanjo Ryogae-machi Building.

The ground floor of the four-storey Sanjo Ryogae-machi Building will serve as the festival's central information hub. In addition, there will be a pop-up bookstore co-produced by twelvebooks, along with books by artists exhibiting in the festival available for purchase.
On the 2nd to 4th floors, there will be ten exhibitions by artists participating in KG+ SELECT and KG+ exhibiting artist Ryosuke Toyama. In addition, on the 4th floor will be the KYOTOGRAPHIE Lounge, a venue for public events. For more information about the pop-up bookstore and events, please visit the 「Public Events」 section of the KYOTOGRAPHIE website.

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Information Lounge & Books (Sanjo Ryogaemachi Building)
73 Mikuracho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8166
Kyoto City Subway “Karasuma Oike” exit 6. 3 min on foot.

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